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Name:Taliesin Rhys Gwillt
Axl Rose

Name: Taliesin Rhys Gwillt
Age: 22
Born: June 20, 1992
Race: Bastet
Tribe: Ceilican
Alignment: Neutral
PB: Axl Rose

Taliesin Rhys Gwillt was born David Everett on June 20, 1992 in Tampa, Florida. His father, Reece Everett, owned his own semi-truck and trailer, and worked Renaissance fairs on weekends. His mother, he was told, was a Bastet, but he never knew her tribe until after his First Change. As a boy, David was home schooled and helped his father with performances on weekends. His father was a bard, and David learned medieval music and lore early in life. They moved around a lot, both for his father's business and on the fair circuit, never really settling down. David learned the guitar in his spare time and was very good at it.

Eventually, around the age of 15, he underwent his First Change. It happened when a vampire attacked his father in his truck. His father died from the Asura, but David managed to survive unharmed. He sold the truck and wandered. Eventually, he was found by his mother. She mentored him in Ceilican ways and taught him what he’d need to know to survive as a Bastet. They parted ways after eight months, when the Yava caught up with his mother first.

A few months later, David, too, underwent a transformation. He moved (illegally) to Winnipeg and became Taliesin Rhys Gwillt. The faerie cat has a love of rock music, Welsh, and outlandish fashions. He is contemplating a move back to the States, perhaps Oregon or California. He isn’t sure yet, but with musical talent and no roots, the young faerie cat doesn’t mind blowing with the wind.

About Taliesin:

Taliesin was raised among actors and musicians. He and his father followed the fairs from town to town, never really settling down. He got his education in the cab of an old semi-truck, on the highway. As such, he has no roots and his ambition lies with what he knows, performance and music. He barely exists, according to the governments of the US and Canada, and he wouldn't be able to get an honest job if he tried. Driver's license? What driver's license? He's been driving since he was old enough to reach the pedals. His life is a wanderer's dream, moving from place to place, engrossed in his music. With Ceilican Gifts and Bastet charm, it's easy to get the attention he craves.

Taliesin is a very young Ceilican whose cat form most closely resembles a lynx. As such, he often impersonates Qualmi when among other Bastet. The faerie cat's attraction to passion and frenzy, and his rootless life, mark him as distinctly different from the riddling cats. Not that he'd ever admit that difference. Ever. The Ceilican are dead, everyone knows that. And the more people that believe that, the better. The fae aren't the only ones who use the faerie cats' Yava against them...

**Note: This journal is for roleplaying only. Ceilican, Bastet, and Werewolf: the Apocalypse belong to White Wolf. PB is Axl Rose and is used for illustration only. No money is being made on this journal. I am not Taliesin or Axl Rose. Please don't sue.**
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